Seeing as there is only one more quarter left for me at the art institute, I wanted to find a way in which i could stay in contact with the many people who inspire me and I aspire to be like as artists.  There are tons of talented people I have met in the last 3 years and I want to be able to at least keep tabs on their current work while post mine, so blogging seems appropriate.
Seeing as this is my first of (hopefully) many posts, I'll start with a brief description of my intended blogging purposes.  My name is Brett Somers, I'm 21 years old and I'm a current student in the 3D game art and design field.  My aspirations and goals revolve around finding a promising job in the game field and I especially love working on modeling characters and assets, with a high attention to texture detail.  Handpainted, referenced textures are something I really want to get better at and are definitely my main focus at the moment.
The following is just a sample of the stuff I've done over the last three years, any and all things being related to projects, homework or just general free time.  Comments, critiques and questions are always appreciated.  Without further ado, art...

Some low poly equipment work.  The pants and jersey are both roughly 600 polys, with the shoes each 1000 respectively. Hand painted textures.

Bust practice with poly painting and retopping
Low poly tree painting woo!
zbrush practice

Haunted House scene
A quick low poly character
Jungle environment piece.
Painting practice
Character concept.