After a long year of working at Microsoft, I was finally able to talk about my involvement working on Forza 5.

If I'm going to be honest, I will say that it was definitely a different experience than I had initially thought it would be.  I was actively involved on the Track Team doing anything from lighting bugs, to flickering polygons, or fighting alphas in the crowd groups within the racing stands.

The bulk of my work was making sure collision and objects within the world worked properly.  I did however get to work specifically on some environment props on the main courses.

One area of the team I was specifically in charge of was tirewalls, making sure they seamlessly flowed from one wall to another. I was also in charge of modeling and texturing said tirewalls.

Finally my tasks, while long and tedious at times, were incredibly important to the learning process of how a AAA games really works. I respect the work my team did and am happy to say the game couldn't have happened without the work we did. Small bugs may be minor tasks, but when you put together a couple hundreds "small bugs" you essentially have the difference between a working game and an absolute mess.